Bobby Godfrey

Speaker, Leader

Bobby is an alumnus of Fairwood Bible Institute and has been involved with youth ministry for 10 years. Currently, he calls home McDonough, GA, where he helps at Open Door Chapel, but is often on the road encouraging and ministering to other Christians as opportunities arise. Bobby has a passion for working with the next generation, helping them find the freedom and victory Christ has to offer.

Timothy Murray


Timothy is attending his third and final year of school at Fairwood Bible Institute. He is an avid Boston sports fan and enjoys running. He has ran three half marathons to date. He hopes to attend Bob Jones University next year to pursue a degree in History.

Joshua Pass


Joshua attended Fairwood Bible Institute for two years an came away with a passion for reaching out to anyone in need, especially those burdened with anxiety. His primary focus is to point others to Christ by living his faith to the utmost. Wherever he goes, he seeks to connect with and encourage people of any age. Currently he lives in McDonough, GA and is in the pursuit of obtaining his license to be an airplane pilot.

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