Youth Weekend

Jesus THe Miracle WOrker

March 8 – 10

For Grades 6 – 12

Hosted by Fairwood Bible Institute


Register by March 3

“Youth Weekend” is an event that takes place several times a year at the beautiful campus of Fairwood Bible Institute, which is located in Dublin, New Hampshire.

It is open to anyone in grades 6-12 who would like to come and enjoy a time of Christian fellowship. Generally, there is a weekend event hosted during the fall and one during the winter or spring. 


Biblical Teaching

Let’s firmly plant our hearts, minds, and feet in the Solid Rock that is Christ.

& Activities

Experience team-building through cooperating with others. Most importantly, have fun!

& Laughter

Connect with other believing youth. Participate as a member of the Body of Christ!

Leaders: Bobby & Becky Godfrey

Through sound biblical teaching and exalting God in their own lives, Bobby and Becky are passionate about investing in youth and guiding their attention towards Jesus Christ.

Hosted and Coordinated by Fairwood Bible Institute

18 Fairwood Dr, Dublin, NH 03444

In a society where values are often obscured and torn down by a cacophony of voices, Fairwood Bible Institute stands firm as a beacon of faith. With an unshakable foundation in the Bible, we equip young minds and hearts to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

Our screened students are not only ministered to—they minister to others. See them in action this Youth Weekend.

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When I see a young person connecting with Christ's love and applying the truths of scripture to everyday life, I can't help but feel...

a great sense of satisfaction, not because of anything I've done, but because I am seeing God work in the life of a person this world needs.  —Bobby Godfrey


Register by March 3

Register by emailing Bobby Godfrey at

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18 Fairwood Dr
Dublin, NH 03444